Dogging Course In Australia

Dogging is a course that is aimed to provide you with the essential knowledge and a set of skills to take on different dogging activities in the working environment which will be in accordance to the national standard for high risk work license in Australia.

The duration of this course is 5 days.

After the completion of the dogging course, the individual will be issued with a statement of attainment, tax invoice and an assessment of satisfaction along with a license for doing high risk work.

What will the individual learn during the course?

In 5 days, individual will be taught on how to do planning for the job, how to precisely choose and analyze the equipment, prepare and develop the site as well as the equipment, perform tasks with specification, job shut down and cleaning up.

Eligibility criteria for the dogging course

However, for being eligible for taking this course, an individual should be having certain characteristics: for a dogging in Adelaide course, an individual must have a good knowledge on basic English and its grammar. For the assessment undertaking, individual must be 18 years old. The individual must have a basic knowledge of performing basic arithmetic operations and calculations pertaining to solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The mathematical ability required is not only manual, the individual must also be able to perform complex problems with the assistance of a calculator. The individual must have a log book that will be containing all proof of the time that a ticketed individual has signed off in the recent time, or the individual must have a letter signed by the employer that will be helping the participants in the fruitful end of the entire program.

These prerequisites for the defensive driving course program are essential in order to apply for the training program that will be ongoing for a total of 5 days. Individuals will be having an in-depth knowledge of all the things mentioned above in the program.

Contact us through our website

You can apply for the course and we will be answering to any of your query or concern within a short period of time. you will be having a licensed specified for working for high risk at a professional training center especially licensed under the national standards for licensing for high risk work in Australia.

However, there is a need to check for certain personal protective equipment in order to join the course which includes a helmet and a long sleeves shirt. You can check the website calendar and the address details through our website to get a precise understanding of the course. With our training center, you can get enrolled in the dogging course after meeting some of the necessary requirements.