What Are Confined Spaces

Most workplaces are considered to have confined spaces because while they are not specifically designed to be made or used for people, they are big enough for workers to enter and conduct specific jobs. A confined space in an organization is such where there is a limited or almost no access to people as it is not made for continuous occupancy.

According to the OSHA regulatory, a confined space is considered to have the following characteristics;

1. Not made for continuous occupancy for employees of the organization.

2. Restricted or limited means for any entry or exit.

3. Large enough or so that an employee can use it for perform and designated task.

4. The confined space should have a potential for any hazard to be present.

5. The space is not in use or is partially closed.

Things to consider when entering a confined space:

1. Lighting

It is important to have a well-lit work confined space as often times, these spaces are dark and are often cramped which makes the people often prone to get hurt. To avoid any injuries or accidents, organizations must ensure that there is a proper lighting system available. 

2. Equipment check

Before entering any confined space, one must ensure that all equipment have been thoroughly checked. Is the gas detector bump tested? Have harness properly been stored? Have all the lined been properly checked? These are some of the things that should be taken into account beforehand. Also, make sure that all the emergency related equipment is well ready.

3. Is ventilation required?

There is a greater chance that the air in the confined space is unsafe which is why you would need to consider adding in some ventilation to avoid any suffocation. The causes for this ventilation can be the existing gas or fumes or if any work is done that would cause breathing issues. The most easiest and convenient way to add in ventilation in the confined space could be paired with ducting. This helps the air in confined space quickly replaced with the area where people are working.

To sum it up, one can say that a confined space ticket is something that is an ongoing process which will not be perfected until no worker is killed or injured in the ongoing process. The above mentioned information is provided in order to take necessary steps that are required for the maintenance and inspection of a confined area. The greatest danger that could occur in a confined space is the hazard of life of person which is why it is important to come up with ways that could deal with such dangers.